Effortless Bathtub Refinishing: Odorless, No Downtime for Hotels

For Hotels and Property Management Co

Revolutionize Bathtub Refinishing for Rentals and Hotels! Tired of constant bathtub issues in your rental properties or hotel? Look no further! We've solved the two biggest headaches you face in bathtub refinishing

Say Goodbye to the peeling of your tub!

Our specially formulated coating is exposed to faucet drips and you feel free to use bathtub mats with a suction cap. No more worries about ugly peeling and chipping and cracking of your tub. Avoid maintenance headaches.

Get rid of the smell!

Experience a total transformation with no mess, no smell, and no dust pour-on refinishing methods. Your tenants can stay right at home during the upgrade.

For Hotel Owners:

No Downtime!

Our process ensures that you won't lose precious revenue due to downtime. Keep your rooms occupied and your guests happy.


Forget about expensive ventilation systems. Our pour-on application process eliminates the need for ventilation and messy overspray.

Dust Free!

Dust free application.

Long-Lasting Beauty!

Compared to spray alternatives, our coating lasts an impressive 8-10 years, maintaining its stunning appearance. Watch our video to see the difference!

Proven and LabTested!

Our coating has guaranteed quality and durability. You can trust us to deliver outstanding results.

Affordable Excellence!

Our prices are very competitive, similar to spray options, but with significantly higher quality and durability. It's a win-win for your business.

Efficiency Matters!

We understand your time is valuable. Our standard bathtub refinishing takes just 3-4 hours, ensuring fast work.

Silent and Efficient!

Our application method and preparation process are incredibly quiet, ensuring minimal disruption to your guests.

Special Offer!

Looking to empower your maintenance team? We offer on-site bathtub refinishing training. Plus, you can purchase our premium coating separately. Check out our process video to learn more!

Ready to transform your rental properties or hotel bathtubs? Contact us today at 1 (224) 616-1766 to schedule a consultation and experience the future of bathtub refinishing!

Elevate your property, enhance guest satisfaction, and save money in the long run with our revolutionary solution. Don't miss out – make the switch today!


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