LIMITED WARRANTY: Our warranty covers cast iron and steel bathtubs for either 5 years in private residences or 2 years for rental or other uses. It safeguards against issues like peeling or adhesion failure of the refinishing materials but applies exclusively to noncommercial usage.

The warranty becomes void if any of the following conditions occur:

  1. Damage, chips, or nicks result from sharp or falling objects or misuse.
  2. Staining or discoloration occurs due to chemicals, bleaches, rust, hair dyes, or abrasive cleaners.
  3. Movement in the substructure leads to cracks or splits in the refinished surface or grout lines.
  4. The refinished surface degrades due to lack of cleaning.
  5. The property's status changes from private to commercial or rental without notification.

If any failure covered by this warranty arises, Red& S Group will, at our discretion, either (1) repair the failed area, (2) refinish the entire fixture, or (3) refund the job's price to you. Please note that caulk, plumbing, and shower doors are not covered by this warranty. Travel charges may apply if your fixture is outside our service area. Notify Red & S Group within 72 hours of any issues to avoid voiding the warranty.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Use only cleaners that are free from abrasives, bleach, or chlorine.

COLOR: The standard color for Red & S Group is off-white.

PLUMBING: Our workers are not qualified plumbers and are not authorized to perform plumbing work. If they remove or replace pipes or fixtures at your request, they do so as a courtesy, and any damage is your responsibility. We may need to remove or loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces, or overflow covers in certain situations, and we will be responsible for those items unless the pipes or fixtures are too old or decayed. Please inform our workers or the estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition, so we can take appropriate precautions or leave it undisturbed.

CURE TIME: After our workers finish, the fixture must cure for 24 hours. During this period, do not use the fixture, and keep the refinished/repaired areas dry.